Keeping You Safe

Keeping You Safe at Thomasville Toyota

To help keep our dealership as clean and safe as possible for our customers and employees, we have contracted with

New-Gen Biotics - The World's Strongest Environmental Products

Chemical-Free, New-Gen Biotics Mist are stabilized probiotics that are incredibly powerful and work down to the actual microscopic level. The Mist removes allergens, dust mites, unwanted organisms and other harmful contaminants, including harmful bacteria and dangerous viruses in the air and on objects and surfaces. It is safe and comprised of a carefully cultured strain of probiotics, cultured from the soil. Some of the benefits:

  • Creates a safer, healthier environment
  • Improves air quality and surface contaminations
  • Removes dust mite waste, allergens, irritants and other contaminants
  • Naturally cleans air ducts
  • Reduces and controls odors
  • Hypoallergenic – scent-free and colorant-free
  • Safe, chemical-free, 100% non-GMO organic beneficial probiotics
  • Targets, covers and protects all normally hard-to-reach surfaces
  • Keeps working, cleaning and protecting

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